Pancakes—homemade or not


by Bob McDonnell

My granddaughter loves her pancakes but when she was 22 months old, she called them “panpakes.” I thought of her as I heard a commercial for a restaurant in Denver that served “home-made” pancakes.

The dictionary says homemade means made by a person at home; not professionally made. I know this has morphed into meaning made on site, in places such as a restaurant. So, I assume this restaurant makes their own pancakes.

Don’t most places make their own? Is there a truck full of already-made pancakes that delivers bunches (bales, stacks,) of the flapjacks to stores? If that’s the case, I’ll eat my homemade pancakes at home.


4 responses to “Pancakes—homemade or not

  1. Woody Woodward

    Dear Bob,
    On Saturday morning when we are keeping the grandkids, Cheri’s joy is to make them all their very own “creative works in a pan of cakes.” The grandkids go home and tell their moms, “You don’t make them like Grandma Cheri!” What a joy they are! Isn’t it great that our gracious and forgiving Lord, gives us “do-overs!”

  2. Woody and Cheri

    That is my granddaughter in the pancake post picture. She likes hers with pears.

  3. I’m not normally overly nitpicky, but since this IS an English usage blog, “her’s” shouldn’t take the apostrophe in your comment response.

  4. Nice catch Brian.
    See you are good for something HA