Sometimes you have to hear a new word or phrase a few times before you become aware of it. This is what happened to me while watching some television shows about remodeling or redecorating a room.

The term that comes to mind is “re-purposing.” It the home shows on television it is most commonly used when discussion a piece of furniture. An old dresser or night stand is found, repainted or re-stained and “repurposed” as piece of furniture in a home office. I am not sure why recycling or reusing would not suffice, but maybe it gives the furniture higher regard if it is repurposed.

 The concept of tacking and “re” on the front of a word popped up again recently. I was at a meeting of professional trainers (ASTD) , and the head of the local economic group was the evening’s speaker. As she was sharing information about the state of the region’s economy and jobs, she caught me off-guard when speaking of people who had lost their job.

When explaining that these people needed to adapt to new and different jobs, she said they needed to be “re-skilled.” It would appear re-skilling consists of training the people or giving them a different set of tools to remain employed.
I guess people can be re-purposed?


3 responses to “Re-purposed?

  1. Woody Woodward

    Is re-purposed a politically oxymoronically term like “freely leveraged” or “redistricting of taxes?”

  2. Woody

    Funny you should mention that. I plan to do a post soon on that sort of thing. Like “pre-owned” instead of used.

  3. Woody Woodward

    Bob, be sure to explain the advantages of “wealth redistribution” too.