Team mascots – with an agricultural bent

000902-N-9848G-002Team mascots have always intrigued me. My high school (George Washington  High in Cedar Rapids, IA) was called the Warriors. The logo was, and still is, that of a Roman-type gladiator. I never could figure that out. Maybe that explains my misspent high school days. Some say I could have been an astronaut since all I did in high school was take up space.

Anyway, moving right along. Shortly after moving to Colorado, I thought I heard the sports news incorrectly when they gave a score for a game involving the Wheatridge Farmers. This struck me as odd but now I know that two towns in Utah also have Farmers as mascots, and Louisiana and Texas high schools are known as the Fighting Farmers. (Are there any other kind?)

Also in the field of agriculture, we have the Brush, CO Beetdiggers and the Chinook Sugar Beeters in Montana.

In southern Colorado, Rocky Ford, a haven for watermelons and cantaloupes, uses the name the Meloneers.

North East High in Pennsylvania sports teams are the Grape Pickers. I didn’t check to see if Cesar Chavez is part of this emblem.

To round out this category, look to Hollister High in San Benito, CA. They care the label of Hay Balers. Oh, and to pick up the hay, you might call on the Dearborn, MI Fordson Tractors.

Did your school have a “unique” team name?


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  1. Um. We’re the Rams, but in Wyoming they call us “the Sheep.”

  2. CSU vs WYO
    So true. I was at the football game (CSU vs WYO) in the 70s when there was a big brawl between teams. This was before the coin toss. May have been the time a flag was thrown before a game started.

  3. Woody Woodward

    Don’t know what their team mascot was, but interesting, my cousin graduated from Sam Houston Institute of Technology. Bet they didn’t wear a shortened version of that on their team sweatshirts.
    She said they have changed their name since she graduated from that infamous named college in 1972.

  4. Woody

    Now that would Sam Houston shirt would be a collector’s item. Big bucks on e-bay.

  5. University of CA at Santa Cruz is in the woods — and not very interested in athletics.

    The mascot is a Banana Slug

    No kidding:

  6. Contrary to an underground joke, repeated by alumnus Dan Rather in his 1978 autobiography, The Camera Never Blinks (page 17), the school was never known as “Sam Houston Institute of Teaching” or “Sam Houston Institute of Technology”. This joke was expanded in 2006 into an entire feature film, Accepted, which takes place on the campus of the mythical South Harmon Institute of Technology.

  7. Yes, I think that is one of those urban legends. Rather may have done it in fun.

  8. Though they are oficially named the Statesmen, no one in Cleveland, MS refers to the sporting teams of Delta State University as anything other than the Fighting Okra.

    Check out the t-shirt at the following site:

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  10. Thanks jp. I like that reference. It showed some mascots that I did not know of.

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  12. Thanks. I like any mascot links.