On a roll or role?



 I am not a journalist, (nor did I ever play one on TV), but I do write newspaper articles every week . Even someone with a business degree like me can see that “real” journals sometimes use the wrong word or phrase.

Here are a couple of examples: The free newspaper I pick up at a coffee shop had an article about a local land developer. The article was talking about a new land development he was involved in. It stated that he would have a large roll in the project. Since one can assume he will be financially involved, maybe the verbiage is correct, but I think he will have a huge role in the project too.

Not to be outdone, the local daily fishwrap had similar confusion on its sports page. They were telling about the end of the regular football season. One player was said to have played a large roll in the season’s final game. No play on words was intended, I am sure.

(Things just aren’t the same with spellchecker. It’s not like the good old days when my mom and grandmother were paid proofreaders at a newspaper)

How do you roll? (Or is it role?)


3 responses to “On a roll or role?

  1. This is funny. It does show the big “role” spell check has in our world and that it too can make mistakes.
    I plan to be on a “roll” the next couple of weeks getting ready for the conference.

  2. Woody Woodward

    I was never taught the fundamentals of phonics in high school so my ability or inability to spell or distinguish like sounding words is most embarrassing. Cheri has been a great help to this dumb Okie, because Bob, like you shared one of her first non-paying jobs, as a child, was helping Grandma Huffman proofread the Cedar Rapids Gazette. But I still mess up terms like “eating dinner” for “eating diner”. Or here’s one I always mess up too. Saying someone is “super” verses “supper”. Help me out Bob!

  3. Kerrie
    Thanks for the reply. I hope the conference goes well. Getting a write-up in a national magazine (Writers Digest) has to be a big boost.

    Glad you like my header. I bet it looks familiar. Your class did inspire me.