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Anxious or eager, which are you?

flickr  ataelw

flickr ataelw

For many, many years, I have misused the word “anxious.” More times than I want to admit now, I could be heard to say things like, “I am anxious to go on vacation” or “I am anxiously awaiting some good news.” WRONG. I should have said I was eager for a vacation or the good news, assuming both were of a positive nature.

Anxious means worried, troubled, disturbed or full of mental distress.

Eager, on the other hand, means impatiently expecting or longing or having a keen interest in something.

 Anxious is derived from a word that means pain or stress while eager comes from a work meaning sharp.

See how many times you hear the word misused in the next few days.

I eagerly, but not anxiously, await your comments.