Anagram grid


I have a piece of paper on my office bulletin board with these anagram (anagramatical?) words on it.  Unfortunately, I do not remember where I got it. My memory seems to recall that it was back when I was doing some calligraphy, and I needed some phrases to put to ink.

I have been told the words are Latin, but have not verified this.

The beauty of this work is that the words read forward, backward, and both horizontally and vertically.  I think there are 16 different wordsin this matrix or grid.

Are there others like this?

5/15/09  While surfing the web, I discovered this is really a palindrome square.

7 responses to “Anagram grid

  1. Woody Woodward

    That’s too much for my simple mind. I am still trying to figure out the difference between and acronym and acrostic.

  2. That is awesome!!! Never seen one before.

  3. Thanks Heidi.
    It is just something I have kept around for years. I wish I knew if they were real words in Latin.
    Keep reviewing those movies!

  4. Hey Bob, really enjoying reading your blog. Loved this anagram post.

  5. Hi Flash
    Nice meeting you at the Tweetup. I update my blog twice a week. I think I have a couple more anagram topics in mind.

  6. Bob,
    Thanks for sharing this. It turns out that there is a wikipedia page on this very square. It is called the Sator Square. It has some neat translations.

  7. wordsbybob

    Dave that sure gives me a lot more info on the square. Thanks! I posted the wiki link on my blog post on this topic.
    Thanks for reading.