Anagrams – Famous names (Part 2)

Here are a few more people you know and what their scrambled names (anagram) comes out as.

In a previous post about mixed up names, I mentioned Elvis. (Elvis = Lives)
Here is another one on the King.  Elvis Aaron Presley = Seen alive? Sorry, pal

·         The next grouping is what I loosely call political name anagrams.

             Monica Lewinsky = Nice, silky woman   

                (Not sure if Slick Willie came up with that one)


             Camilla Parker Bowles =  Workable caramel lips.  

                 (No thanks, I’m good)


             Adolf Hitler = Do real filth or Heil, old fart   (Enuf said)

             Chairman Mao = I am on a march   (and he was)


             Arnold Schwarzenegger = he’s grown large n’ crazed 

                 (not wild and crazy like a SNL skit)


           Tim Russert… mistruster   (He was, and he is missed)


·         Then, we have the monikers that are just an olio or leftovers.

             Gordie Howe = Where do I go? 

                (Will Jay Cutler be saying the same thing soon?)

           The actress Mae West = Cast me, sweethearts   

              (You  fill in other words for cast)


           Florence Nightingale = Angel of the reclining  

             (Reclining in a hospital bed?)


            Justin Timberlake = I’m a jerk, but listen  

                  (Just like Camilla Parker Bowles above—I pass)


To finish out today’s famous name anagrams, I submit to you Albert Einstein,

             His name equals ten elite brains.

Since I barely have one brain, I will sign off.



One response to “Anagrams – Famous names (Part 2)

  1. Woody Woodward

    Played around with some famous names but came up empty. So how about my home town? This is pert-near but not plumb: Kansas City = Sassy Saint Nick