Peruse or read? Which do you do?




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In a prior post, I mentioned that I have been using the words anxious and eager incorrectly for years. I think, at times I have done the same with peruse.

When someone requested that I peruse something, I usually thought it mean to skim through it or scan it.  No, no.

The dictionary says peruse means to:

·         To read through with thoroughness and care

·         To survey or examine in detail

 The New Oxford Dictionary of English agrees, noting that it is sometimes mistakenly taken to mean, “read through quickly; glance over.” 

Therefore, when someone gives you a document, for you to peruse, you now know what to do with it.

I hope you peruse this and my other posts that appear in my blog. 





11 responses to “Peruse or read? Which do you do?

  1. When someone gives me a document and asks me to peruse it, I usually know what to do with it…but seriously folks, I will often use words like this and trust people don’t really get it, because the word is really out of fashion, particularly with e-mail being the dominant contemporary communications method. It’s almost vulgar, how we’ve stripped down one of the world’s most robust languages to silly acronyms and shorthand. Long live words such as peruse and purview and provincial! May they forever live in the modern lexicon, championed with ardent purpose by those capable of conveying ideas, thoughts, sentiments and feelings through the use of rousing, creative vocabulary!

    Now, where’s my damn spellcheck…

  2. In other words…long live the $.25 word!

  3. Woody Woodward

    I thought Peruse was the name for folks residing in a small western South American country, bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia?

  4. Chris H. Man, give a guy a day off and he goes for it. Thanks, now go out and skate, you will feel better.

  5. Woody–See that is what people who support the KC Chiefs would think!
    Tell your wife Happy Birthday. I just remember it was around Easter.

  6. Woody Woodward

    Can you believe it Bob, Woody is enjoying Cheri’s SS check! Turned the ripe ole’ age of beauty on March 28th.

  7. Woody – she is still a great person. (And older than me!)

  8. I have also been using the word incorrectly.

    Wow. This is making me reanalyze my entire life… is reanalyze a word? It looks really weird.

  9. Heidi
    Me too. But in your case, you don’t peruse movies when you review them.
    I hope re-analysizing (with a dash?) your life is a good thing.
    I am so old, that would take way too long.

  10. My MS Word program thinks “reanalyze” is a word. However, when I checked with Websters-online, it isn’t a word. So which program is correct? Anaylze that! 🙂

  11. Heidi
    Maybe we just have to say analyze again. Too much heavy thinking for a Friday afternoon.