First SUVs, now NEVs


flickr beautifulcataya

flickr beautifulcataya

First, we called them off-road vehicles.  Then came the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).  The design, size, power and use of SUVs vary greatly.  Some will never see anything other than a city street.

Watch for a new word that has just started creeping into the American lexicon.  The term is NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle).  Actually, a NEV is an enhanced electric golf cart.  It is made roadworthy by adding lights, turn signals, mirrors, etc.  They typically cannot exceed 35 mph.  Many feel it will be a good non-gasoline using mode of transportation for running errands around town.

Our neighboring community of Berthoud, CO is going to allow the NEVs on the streets.  It has been ruled that they can be used on the streets and can cross but not drive on state highways.

Loveland, CO where I live has had requests for making NEVs legal on its streets.  So far, this has not happened, and Loveland officials have ruled a NEV not only couldn’t drive on state roads, it cannot even cross them. 


Let’s see if they become more popular based on gasoline prices.


A company in Longmont, CO called Small Planet Earth has this type of vehicle plus other alternative transports.



2 responses to “First SUVs, now NEVs

  1. Woody Woodward

    Bob, it was on our 2005 mission trip, we had a 2 day layover in Rome and I saw one of these “bugs” for the first time. Pavel and I marveled at this big guy trying to remove himself from this gull-wing, 3 wheeled contraption, that I swear, was taller than it was width and length together. Hate to be involved in an accident in this tin can!

  2. So true Woody. There is a trade-off between saving gas and some safety.