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Mascot names — what were they thinking?

flickr josephleenovak
flickr josephleenovak

Sports team’s mascots seem to intrigue me.  I did an earlier post on some I found that had an agriculture theme to them.

 Today, I will show you some high school mascots that will make you say, “What the ___ were they thinking?”

Genoa, IL must not be a hotbed of creativity.  Wouldn’t you have loved to be at the brainstorming session where they picked the team name?  The group of masterminds decided on COGS, as in GO COGS.  It stands for City of Genoa Schools.

 Sheldon, IA must have had a similar clog (oops) in their brains.  The team colors are orange and black—so far, so good.  So, they decided to call the team the Orabs, combining the two colors.

The town of Frankfort, ID (don’t get ahead of me) calls their athletes the Hot Dogs 

Freeport, IL had two major employers.  One made beer and the other pretzels. They threw out the name Brewers (it is high school after all) and went with Pretzels.  No lie.

In Madeira, VA, the track team must cringe when running with the word Snails emblazoned on their uniforms.

Got any more?  I have some for a future post on how confusing it got once the females got teams.   Hint: Lady Cowboys!   But that is for another day.