Mascot names — what were they thinking?

flickr josephleenovak
flickr josephleenovak

Sports team’s mascots seem to intrigue me.  I did an earlier post on some I found that had an agriculture theme to them.

 Today, I will show you some high school mascots that will make you say, “What the ___ were they thinking?”

Genoa, IL must not be a hotbed of creativity.  Wouldn’t you have loved to be at the brainstorming session where they picked the team name?  The group of masterminds decided on COGS, as in GO COGS.  It stands for City of Genoa Schools.

 Sheldon, IA must have had a similar clog (oops) in their brains.  The team colors are orange and black—so far, so good.  So, they decided to call the team the Orabs, combining the two colors.

The town of Frankfort, ID (don’t get ahead of me) calls their athletes the Hot Dogs 

Freeport, IL had two major employers.  One made beer and the other pretzels. They threw out the name Brewers (it is high school after all) and went with Pretzels.  No lie.

In Madeira, VA, the track team must cringe when running with the word Snails emblazoned on their uniforms.

Got any more?  I have some for a future post on how confusing it got once the females got teams.   Hint: Lady Cowboys!   But that is for another day.

21 responses to “Mascot names — what were they thinking?

  1. My sis-in-law was a Blossom – Go Awesome Blossoms (Blooming Prairie, MN)!

    Another friend from Watertown, WI was one of the dreaded Goslings.

  2. Woody Woodward

    Here is one that has made me say, “What were they thinking?” In Southern Oklahoma, the controversial Halliburton’s headquarters is located in a town called Duncan. Years ago, their high School came up with the dubious honor of calling themselves, “The Duncan Demons”. The mascot runs around in a typical red, devil costume with a pitchfork. I am sure it was innocent enough, but I would have a tough time allowing my kids to be associated with anything that has to do with the devil and Demons.

  3. I think I have the blossoms on my list. This was part two of at least a three part series on mascots. Thanks.

  4. Woody- I think other schools have moved away from the devil mascot. (And other names that are not deemed politically correct.) My wife’s high school is still the Indians.

  5. Well, elementary school in East Liverpool, Ohio started it – Catholic School, so we were the “Irish” , then High School, East Liverpool Potters (our mascot was Potter Pete, a paper mache guy with a football helmet over a Kiln – we were a Pottery town) Then, of course, I went to The Ohio State University . . . The Buckeyes. Hmmm Poisonous Nuts. Brutus the Buckeye – a nut head. All we can do is wonder – what were they thinking?!? Great thoughts, Bob!

  6. Barb A football helmet over kiln? That Iwould like to see. Hope to see you some time in Fort Collins.

  7. I’ve always been a big fan of the University of California Santa Cruz Banana Slugs!

  8. wordsbybob

    I heard of that one Arne. It was a student prank I think, and they kept it.
    Good one.

  9. Ha! I have a friend who taught at Freeport and coached the HS tennis team. I have a Freeport Pretzels sweatshirt! (or I used to, it was pretty ragged, may have been tossed by now)

    My favorites from IL are the Teutopolis Wooden Shoes, and the Corn Jerkers, from somewhere around central IL.

  10. wordsbybob

    Thanks Brad. That Pretzel sweatshirt might have made you rich on e-bay.
    I will keep the Wooden Shoes and Corn Jerkers (am I being punked here?) in mind.
    See you tomorrow.

  11. Michael Clingan

    Nice blog Bob.

    Now you’ve got me thinking – so far I’ve been an Izmir Sultan, a Gurdon Go-Devil, a Henderson State Reddie and a South Carolina Gamecock.

    The Go-Devils and Gamecocks (you can imagine the bumper stickers) were both in the Bible Belt. Apparently you can get away with a lot, in the South, if it’s connected to football!

  12. Michael I always figured you to be a sultan of some kind. I hear you n the Gamecocks. My brother played football for the Upper Iowa Peacocks. Go Cocks was a common cheer.

  13. Here at Ft. Myers High School we have the “Green Wave”. Students are “Greenies”. Mascot is a wave…the sea kind!

  14. wordsbybob

    Some mascots don’t lend themselves to a physical mascot, I guess. A wave would be similar the the challenges in Denver for the Avalance and Nuggets.
    Still haven’t gotten an answer why our h.s. mascot was a Roman Warrior for George Washington.

  15. I’m from Illinois and can attest to the fact that there is a school with the mascot “Cornjerkers.” They’re from a town called Hoopeston.
    Also, the Central Illinois town of Pekin, IL was the “Chinks” for years, but thank heaven that has changed.

  16. I am going to have to add Cornjerkers to my next mascot post. Thanks!

  17. East High in Rockford, IL went a similar route to Sheldon… their colors are red and black, so East Red And Black = ERAB. They are the East E-Rabs.

  18. I got u all beat haha I graduated from sebeka high and we are the trojans!!! lmao

  19. My wife is from Richland Washington – a small desert town in Eastern Washington State that was created in the 1940’s as part of the Manhatten Project to produce Plutonium for the first atomic bombs. The High School calls themselves “The Bombers” and their mascot is a mushroom cloud! I believe that to this day, the side of the school is adorned with an image of a big atomic bomb mushroom cloud.

  20. hey bob nice article I am a pretzel I think its embarrassing but I think in thus article you mean freeport illinois not freemont

  21. Thanks. I will change it. Thanks for reading my blog.