Sports mascots–the wacky, wimpy and weird

nimrod-of-watersmeet-miIn two prior posts, I discussed mascots with an agricultural slant and “what were they thinking” mascot names.

Since those were well received, I thought I would do one more (at least) take on sports-related paper mache headed beasts.

Originally, a team mascot was something ferocious or fast.

Locally, in Colorado, we have to look no further than Fort Collins High to find one that doesn’t live up to the task  The Lambkins were probably a spin-off of the Rams at C.S.U. since the school used to be across the street from the university.  Not too scared, huh?  Down the interstate, Denver East High is called the Angels.

Also, in the category of not making the opponent be fearful is the team from Madeira, VA. They are the Snails.  I wonder how embarrassed the track team is.

Two schools in the U.S. have the Bunnies hopping onto the field and the poor players at Allentown, PA are the Canaries.

How would like to cheer for the Awesom Blossoms as they do in Blooming Prairie, MN?

Some teams must be in a constant state of confusion with both males and females fielding teams.  Merion, PA’s Episcopal Academy goes by the name Churchmen, The girls teams are the “Lady Churchmen.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Lincoln H.S. in Vincennes, Indiana is the Alices. The guys must love that!

In Hereford, TX, the town was named for the breed of cattle. Unfortunately, for the high school, Herefords are called whitefaces. Therefore, the team is a “herd” of Whitefaces.

Hockaday High School students in Texas are known as Hockadaisies. This may not sound like a fierce mascot, but the school does have one other claim to fame. Twin girls with the last name of Bush (as in the George W.) are graduates.

Wouldn’t you love to see who won in a contest pitting the Yuma, AZ Criminals against the Deer Lodge, MT Wardens? 

Although it seems logical for the Aspen, CO High School to be called the Skiers, it must be confusing for athletes in other sports at the school.

Watersmeet, MI (kinda funny in itself) uses the nimrod as their mascot.  Of course, you already knew a nimrod is a hunter, right?

Give me an “S”!  Give me an “I”!  In Alaska, the Buckland teams are called the Sissaumgi.  That must make it tough on the cheerleaders. Oh, it refers to a type of whale, if you were wondering.

Lastly, I could not leave out the Seagulls of Everett High School in Washington. I will let you come up with your own comments on that one.


10 responses to “Sports mascots–the wacky, wimpy and weird

  1. Just thought you’d like to know, “the Lambkin” came from the last name of an influential person in FCHS’ History, Scott Lambkin I believe. The CSU Ram’s angle wouldn’t make much sens any way because when FCHS was formed it was the CSU Aggies (hence the huge A below horsetooth). Just thought you’d like to know for posterity’s sake.

  2. wordsbybob

    I stand corrected. Thanks for the info. It makes since now that you say it. I moved to Colo. in 1969 and FCHS was still on College.
    I am going to email you to find out more about your student group.

    Well done!

  3. UC Santa Cruz caused a stir several years back when they adopted the banana slug as their official mascot. They probably generate a fair bit of revenue off logo wear!
    Another more local colorful mascot is the beetdiger of Brush High School.

  4. wordsbybob

    Thanks Brett. Someone else mentioned hte Banana Slugs. Must be quite a costume for the mascot to don. I think I mentioned Beet Diggers in my post on mascots with an agricultural bent. I keep finding more great off-the-wall ones, so stay tuned.

  5. One of my favorites is the Poca Dots from Poca, West Virginia.

  6. Yes, I think I mentioned them in one of my mascot posts. If not, I should have.

  7. Don’t forget about the Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys!

  8. awesome blossom


  9. Everett High Seagull here! love our mascot because it is rare. Better than being the generic “Warriors” or “Hawks”, like thousands of other High Schools out there.

  10. Thanks for reading my blog. Yes, Seagulls for a mascot is unique.