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Repeatable words that repeat themselves again

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This post could be a continuation of the redundancy in words one, with a new twist.

 I was in KFC the other evening for dinner.  (They don’t call it Kentucky FRIED Chicken anymore)  Actually, it was packed because Oprah was giving away pieces of their new grilled chicken. She wasn’t there—people had coupons.  Attention sign makers: Be ready for big business in KGC signs soon.

 But, I digress…

I couldn’t help but notice the workers at KFC were wearing black shirts with silk-screening or stitching that said “Original Original.”  I guess this is to show that they are the second original or a fake original.  Seemed oddly repetitious to me.

 This made me think of other redundant words. 

Couldn’t the yo-yo have just been called the yo?  It was invented in the Philippines, I think, long before “Yo” was an acceptable form in greeting in some circles.

 What about the herbal remedy kava kava? Wouldn’t one kava have worked as well? The same argument could me made the vitamin C deficiency beri beri. Or maybe it should have been berry berry since berries must have some vitamin C in them

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