Repeatable words that repeat themselves again

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This post could be a continuation of the redundancy in words one, with a new twist.

 I was in KFC the other evening for dinner.  (They don’t call it Kentucky FRIED Chicken anymore)  Actually, it was packed because Oprah was giving away pieces of their new grilled chicken. She wasn’t there—people had coupons.  Attention sign makers: Be ready for big business in KGC signs soon.

 But, I digress…

I couldn’t help but notice the workers at KFC were wearing black shirts with silk-screening or stitching that said “Original Original.”  I guess this is to show that they are the second original or a fake original.  Seemed oddly repetitious to me.

 This made me think of other redundant words. 

Couldn’t the yo-yo have just been called the yo?  It was invented in the Philippines, I think, long before “Yo” was an acceptable form in greeting in some circles.

 What about the herbal remedy kava kava? Wouldn’t one kava have worked as well? The same argument could me made the vitamin C deficiency beri beri. Or maybe it should have been berry berry since berries must have some vitamin C in them

 The Sing Sing Correctional Facility (not a jail?) could have just beened Sing, or many not. How about Bora Bora and Pago Pago? Think about it.

 I remember somewhere in my past hearing a female friend say she was going on a date, but not a date-date.  I suppose she wore her new dress, but not her new-new dress. 

 Is it just me that thinks of these things?

 My brain is starting to hurt from thinking. Not thinking-thinking, mind you, just blog thinking.

 So, I will wrap up this session on repeating words that repeat themselves.  YO!


10 responses to “Repeatable words that repeat themselves again

  1. Woody Woodward

    Bob, I think your brain is bordering on the brink of “overloaded, political correctness!”

  2. wordsbybob

    Just having fun and trying to wake people up, Woody . At least I don’t have the swine flu although I am craving bacon.

  3. Out of interest, there are some languages, such as Indonesian possibly (I could be wrong), where by instead of using an ‘s’ to denote plural, the word is simply repeated. I guess at least there the repetition has a very real meaning

  4. wordsbybob

    Mark I think you are probably right. I was not making fun of anyone’s culture. Thanks for reading my blog.

  5. robert walkowicz

    Great take on KFC Bob! This forces me to wonder that in this “new retro” world that maybe a corporate exec actually had a hiccup and said “original” twice. At that point the marketing people at the table, who were fearful for their jobs, seized on any idea and ran with it.

  6. wordsbybob

    Robert That could well have been Also, KFC had to back off on the free grilled chicken offer US-wide. They gave rain checks.
    Thanks for commenting.

  7. David Talley

    At the risk of sounding double redundant, if I’m wearing a brand new shirt, at what point does it become brand old?

  8. wordsbybob

    Would that be a “brand spanking new” one? And why isn’t it a pair of shirts to go with a pair of pants?

    Thanks for reading.

  9. Hi Bob,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I was searching LinkedIn for a fried of mine and your info popped up. I decided to check out your blog and I am glad I did.

    I am a bit of a “word merchant” and enjoyed your insight on the use and misuse of words and your list of oxymorons.

    I was thinking you might run a blog on “non-words” (which is probably one), that people use like “irregardless” instead of regardless.

    I would like to send you an invite on LinkedIn.


  10. Thanks for reading. I sent you an email today.