Sanction — good or bad?

Grace 2 years Sanction, as a verb is one of those interesting and quirky English words. If you slept through high school English class (and who didn’t?), a verb is an “action” word. Like sleep for example.

This elusive word has two meanings, and they are opposites. The label for them is auto antonyms which has Greek roots meaning a word is opposite of itself. I hesitate to have the word auto antonym in the heading. I did this with my retronym blog post, and got next to no hits on that post. Nevertheless, I forge onward.

The weird thing about the word sanction is its meaning.

  1. To authorized, approve, allow, confirm or ratify
  2. Penalize, discipline

 So, for example, to be recognized by the Pro Bowler’s Assn., one has to roll a 300 game during league play. If it done at a non-league time, they do not give you credit for it. (That would be just my luck.)

The other side of sanction is when a fraternity does something stupid, like underage drinking, etc., and whatever national body governs them finds out, they are sanctioned. Usually, this means they lose their affiliation with the national organization. Having never even been in a frat house (or sorority house), I know little more about this.

Many words in the English language are very confusing. I hope to explore more of them in future posts. As Latka from the old Taxi television series said, “America is a tough town.”

NOTE: The picture has nothing to do with the topic, except she knows about the time-out sanction (rarely).  It was just difficult to find an image to characterize sanction. I used a picture of my granddaughter, since I try to do that any chance I can.

5 responses to “Sanction — good or bad?

  1. Here is another funny Russian word. When you say thank you, it sounds like, “spasiba”. On my first attempt at actually try a salutation, my fellow missioners kept laughing at me when I kept saying, “placebo.”

  2. Woody Woodward

    I am not anonymous, I am a Woody!

  3. wordsbybob

    You sure aren’t Woody.

  4. She sure is cute. If this is her face in time-out, you’e got an undaunted renegade on your hands!

  5. wordsbybob

    Thanks. I need to post newer pictures on my FB page. She is almost four going on 10, I think.