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Bobby pins, Fort Collins and recession

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Bobby pins, part two.  Thanks to catfc a blogger in Fort Collins for offering more information on the “bob” hairstyle and bobby pins.  If you don’t read her blog called lostfortcollins, you should. 

She pointed out a song by Blind Alfred Read.  Reed was very religious, and could be thought of as an early “protest” singer.

He wrote. “Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls?” that raged against women’s hairstyle fashion of the 1920s.   Here is part of the lyrics from Why do you bob your hair, girls?
You’re doing mighty wrong;
God gave it for a glory
                                               And you should wear it long .
                                              You spoil your lovely hair, girls,
                                              You keep yourself in style;
                                              Before you bob your hair, girls,
                                             Just stop and think a while.

I found another song he wrote in 1929 when the stock market was crashing.  Check this out:

How Can I Poor Man Survive Such Times and Live? Lyrics: 

There once was a time when everything was cheap,
But now prices nearly puts a man to sleep.
When we pay our grocery bill,
We just feel like making our will.

What goes around, comes around?