Bathrooms—are you serious?

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Bathrooms?  Are you serious? What a topic for a blog post.  I know many people get their inspiration there but as a topic.

That’s right, the blog as gone to the bathroom. Why? I am not sure. Maybe it is because my granddaughter is now going to the potty all the time and wearing “big girl” panties instead of diapers.  (Her transition was fast, and a relief to her mom since granddaughter #2 is due at the end of the summer.)

There are so many labels for the bathroom.  I already mentioned potty.  One of the most popular in restaurants is restroom.  Rest?  Hmmm. I do know that at some large companies they women’s’ restroom has a lounge area with chairs and maybe a couch.  (Don’t ask how I know.) 

 The other thing, or one of them, that made me think of bathrooms was a sign posted on the unisex bathroom at the Northern Colorado Writers’ office/meeting room in Fort Collins. The decorative sign lists some common words for the facility.  They include bathroom, lavatory, head, latrine, loo, washroom, water closet, necessary room, power room and toilet. I think they forgot privy.

I can’t even get into the “themed” rooms at some establishments that have pictures of cowboys/cowgirls, etc. on the doors.

Yes, I know there are some other mostly crude names for this but my blog posts down go there.

Here is a reward for those of you who have waded through all this stuff.  Bob’s travel tip is when you travel in a foreign country, know the native term for the bathroom.   In Thailand, I found this to be a crucial point after consuming copious quantities of Singha beer.  Oh, the term is hong nam, which loosely translates to water room.


2 responses to “Bathrooms—are you serious?

  1. Woody Woodward

    In Russia, you say, “Toyleat” It’s interesting, you have to pay to use public restrooms. They always have an old Babushka sitting at the entrance collecting Rubles. With about 50 cents, you get a filthy toilet and two tiny squares of toilet paper. If you got to go #2, good luck? I will never forget when my wife was with some other women on our mission trip, went to the ladies room, and the Babushka Nazi accused her of not paying! Pointing at her hand demanding money, she was yelling and screaming at Cheri, of course Cheri didn’t understand a word she was yelling. She had to pay again and was so scared she didn’t have to go anymore. Have to confess, us mocho mission guys laughed our butts off! Cheri didn’t think it was a bit funny.. that is, until we got home.

  2. Great story. Tell her hello for me.