Thanks to all who have helped me

freefoto   American flagSalutes to all on this patriotic day.  I have decided not to do a “regular” post about humor in works.  Instead, I will thank some people.  That is always risky since it is so easy to forget someone.  In the past, I have acknowledged many in Twitter Friday Follows.  Also, I do appreciate those that re-tweet my words. 

Today, I will say thanks to some people I know personally, and some I do not.  This list comes from the stats that are amassed everyday about where people find your blog. 

In all my reading, the generally accepted mindset is to comment on other people’s blogs.  I have done this, and it paid off.  Also posting my topics and funny bumper stickers has driven traffic to me too. 

Ok, so here are some of the sources that have send people to my blog.   I finally met the blogger who does this at the Social Media Social in Loveland.  I have a couple of ideas for her.    My cohort at the Berthoud Surveyor has a great movie review blog.  It is being renovated right now.   For letting me guest blog. for all Brian does.   For her feedback.

And a big THANKS to all who have left comments on my blog. I think I have done a reply to every one of them. 

 Have a safe holiday!

4 responses to “Thanks to all who have helped me

  1. You’re awesome! So when are you going to do those guest posts?

  2. wordsbybob

    I am working on it. The darn heart attack thing broke my focus. I will email you next week.

  3. Woody Woodward

    Hope you and Rhonda had a blessed 4th!

  4. wordsbybob

    Thanks. We had great one, and spent yesterday with “amazing” Grace, our granddaughter.
    I will email you later today.