Shutters make me shudder

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I hate shutters. Well, I guess I strongly dislike them. I am talking about the things that hang on the side of the house next to the windows. Being a word person, I guess I should say that the term shutter is a homonym. It sounds the same, but has a different spelling than shudder.

Recently, I have been taking a couple of 20 minutes strolls around the neighborhood most days. (If my cardiologist or exercise nurse sees this, by that I mean EVERY day)

Anyway, I walk through our neighborhood, and can’t help seeing all the houses and their designs Many have what could be loosely called shutters. For the most part, these wooden slats are not functional. First of all, they are nailed to the side of the house. They couldn’t be swung shut to protect the windows if they had to be. Many are about a quarter of the size of the window, so even if they did try to serve their original function, it would be futile. I think a better name for these unless hanging appendages would be color accents. They are always a different color than the siding, stucco or brick of the home. Why don’t people just paint a contrasting stripe of color on each side of the windows, and call it even?

For the record, if you go past my house, you will see NO shutters.

5 responses to “Shutters make me shudder

  1. Woody Woodward

    I remember visiting historic, beautiful Charleston, SC. Seeing real shutters that actually function, serving a purpose. When the hurricane storms move inland, the shutters are swung into action, over the windows to protect from flying debris. I shudder to think what they would do without shutters?

  2. wordsbybob

    Yes, shutters used to have a real use. Thise are just hold-overs from the past.
    Hey-Denny S. made it back home ok. After he left here, he went to see Mt.Rushmore, etc. then back to Ill.

  3. Woody Woodward

    He wasn’t with Green Peace was he? HA HA! I don’t know Denny that well, but betya if he’d been there, he would have wrestled them all down.

  4. Shutters ..
    Like so many things people do have nothing to do with function or logic but things that make them fell good — but that is why our different personalities lead us to do things so differently .
    It all facinates me and I quit trying to understand it long ago … j

  5. True Jerry. Maybe I should quit trying to analyze it all.