Daily Archives: July 12, 2009

Oxymoron–more examples

Oxymoron exampleOxymorons really do intrigue me. My earlier post  on oxymorons got some good responses.  While cleaning up around my desk (my home office…ooops—oxymoron), I found some more that I used when I was teaching a college writing course.

How about alone together?

I’m confused. 

How can someone be clearly confused?

Don’t they use this one for things they sell on TV?  “Genuine imitations….”

I like intense apathy.  Once, I heard a place described as a “hotbed of apathy.”

Have you used plastic silverware or had a drink from a plastic glass?

 Here are a few for the cynics.

Marital bliss, holy war, educational television and corporate conscience.

 Have more?