Oxymoron–more examples

Oxymoron exampleOxymorons really do intrigue me. My earlier post  on oxymorons got some good responses.  While cleaning up around my desk (my home office…ooops—oxymoron), I found some more that I used when I was teaching a college writing course.

How about alone together?

I’m confused. 

How can someone be clearly confused?

Don’t they use this one for things they sell on TV?  “Genuine imitations….”

I like intense apathy.  Once, I heard a place described as a “hotbed of apathy.”

Have you used plastic silverware or had a drink from a plastic glass?

 Here are a few for the cynics.

Marital bliss, holy war, educational television and corporate conscience.

 Have more?


4 responses to “Oxymoron–more examples

  1. Thanks for the website and for encouraging
    competence and excellence and most of all
    humor . However, I confess I have a lot of redneck in me and am a fan of “Lake Wobegone” and “Gitter Done” Larry.

  2. Back in the 60s, Bucknell University was accused of being ‘a hotbed of student rest’. That was when other uniersities were hotbeds of student unrest.

  3. Thanks Jerry. You are no redneck! HA I like those two guys also, along with Stephen Wright and George Carlin (his early stuff). Thanks for your support.

  4. Woody Woodward

    How about “honesty is the best policy” unless you are an “honest politician”? But is that honestly possible?