Motto or slogan Which is it?

Motto  Coin  Kevin Dooley Motto or slogan? These two terms have confused me for quite some time. I have trouble telling the difference. Doing some research may have helped. A motto (with origins in the Italian language for pledge) is meant to describe the general motivation or intention of a group. It shows the spirit or purpose of the person or group. It also can be an expression of the guiding principle of a person, group, city, or other organization. Did you know the motto of Colorado is “Nil Sine Numine” which means “Nothing without the Deity.” (So much for separation of church and state)

The state’s slogan seems to be “Colorful Colorado”, or at least this used to appear on the license plates. It’s hard to do better than the city of Austin,TX with its motto of “Keep Austin Weird.” Others I found under business mottos are ones you have heard a lot: Nike Just do it McDonald’s I’m lovin’ it


A slogan on the other hand is a memorable phrase used in a political, commercial or religious context. Its origin is from the Scottish and Irish words for army and cry. It is a catchword or catch phrase. I am thinking it is very similar to a tagline.

There are tons of examples, but I will pick one at random (yeah, right) to leave you with. The fine dining establishment called Hooters has one that is difficult to top. Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.

Kinda sounds like some people I know, but that is for another day.

6 responses to “Motto or slogan Which is it?

  1. Great article! My faborite Motto is, “You get as you give!”

  2. Thanks. It’s not “Get er done?”

  3. Woody Woodward

    Good insights brother Bob. Whether or not it is either, in today’s post modern, anti-Christian culture, just saying it, brings disgrace upon the name of the Lord and shame to our once blessed land.
    Cheri’s favorite is an oldie but a goodie, “What goes around comes around” I am sure this will also apply to God’s impending judgment upon the US.

  4. Thanks Woody. Cheri is a wise (I did not say old) woman. Be safe.

  5. Diana McKinney

    Remember the Alamo!

  6. Thanks Bob. This helped me properly refer to our slogan for “FREE help.” Our motto (which we call our “Passion”) is “help. love. Jesus.” Keep up the great work!