Under new management – SOOOoooo

New managementUnder new management. I bet you have seen a sign on a business stating that they have new leadership.  As you know from my past posts about quirky and funny signs, I am always on the lookout for these items.

Recently, I have seen a couple of businesses that proclaimed that they were “Under New Management.” As I remember, one was a fast food location and the other was a liquor store.

 My question is… Why do I care?  They spent money to tell the world they have a “changing of the guard” but what’s in it for me? 

 Why not put up a sign that tells about new products in stock, new menu items, cleaner restrooms or a big discount.  This might make me stop more that the fact that the faces at the top have changed.

Wouldn’t it be more effective to sell me on what you are doing differently?  Make me want to come in and shop.  I darn sure don’t just want to stop by to shake hands with the “new management.”

What do you think?

11 responses to “Under new management – SOOOoooo

  1. David Stevens

    Yes, it is all a good point. I am not sure that “Under New Management” carries all that much information content. Even IF all was well before and the manager left for a new job, the mere announcement is something I might look at in that way and just internally shrug my shoulders.

    On the other hand, it is more likely to be some indicator to me that something was wrong with the prior structure, and that this sign means “Things will be different now”. But because it is still unclear whether any new philosophy had trickled down to the rank and file yet (unless offenders had been sent off to a gulag).

    So between the two possibilities above I tend to see it as some sort of red alert that “something was fishy” with this store, and something STILL might be fishy.

    Most people will not stop to read a sign that enumerates why/what things will be different.

    However, maybe it will help to crystallize what is going on a little better if the sign just read:
    “Beginning {date}, we will no longer screw you over”.

    Ironically, for those who KNEW the prior management was bad, they will probably never return to see that something has changed. And anyone who is using the store for the first time will at best shrug and at worst have their guard up.

  2. David Stevens

    Oops, left a hanging clause. Meant to say:

    {But because it is still unclear whether any new philosophy had trickled down to the rank and file yet (unless offenders had been sent off to a gulag), it serves to raise a red flag that I might not be treated right, despite fresh ideas higher up.

  3. Woody Woodward

    Wow, some mighty deep pontifications from the wise word man. Kind a sound like the sometimes cenacle, yet cleaver and always wise Andy Rooney. Andy might say, “I’ve learned … that the typical “Under New Management” sign is simply a cover up for poor old management. If it’s broke, fix it before you advertise it.”

  4. Great points Dave.

  5. Andy Rooney and me? HA Too funny. At least I trim my eyebrows.

  6. Those signs always make me think, “wow the other owners must have been jerks,” and I’m not sure that’s what the new owners want me to be thinking as I walk or drive by their business.

  7. Heidi I agree.

  8. Interesting take. I’ve never thought about it that way. Thanks for the insightful post, Bob!

  9. Thank you Nick. And thanks for reading my blog.

  10. My take on this is that they are attempting to attract former and prospective customers who have left because of ill feelings or who have never stepped foot in said establishment.

  11. Under new management may create curiosity, as usually ‘a new broom sweeps clean’ and may offer new services or products. This may be of interest to those who seek ‘new’, thereby being of benefit to the new management.