Are you a kegler?

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flickr pal berge

I have been a kegler in the past.  No, this has nothing to do with any college activities, although college students do kegle.  Some get academic credit for it too.

A kegler is a bowler as in bowling alley, bowling pins, funny shirts and beer frames.

The origin of the word comes from the German language meaning a bowling pin or peg.

Back in the day when I bowled, the term was still use.  A clever team might call themselves the Krazy Keglers, etc.  (Naming bowling teams was an art, as you can see)

I must admit a couple of bowling shirts adorned my closet over the years.  They all had a business name on the back and my name on the front.  One really classy bowling shirt (an oxymoron?) had my last name stitched on the back.

So, I bet some of you were keglers.   As they used to say, “Get out of the streets and into the alleys.”

4 responses to “Are you a kegler?

  1. Woody Woodward

    A funny remembrance about that word? As a young person, 14, I was on my one and only bowling league. I do remember seeing and hearing about “keler’s” but being from Oklahoma, was too dumb and naïve to ask who or what it was? At that impressionable age, I thought maybe it was some kind of nasty disease? My team was called “The Gutter Guys” and I think my high score was 100. So much for my non intelligent bowling thoughts.

  2. Gutter Guys. HA I bet many leagues across the US had that name.

  3. Bob,
    I think my friends and I may have been “keg”lers when we were at UNI. Come to think of it we ( family and friends) were also “keg”lers at a number of Iowa football games.Ah the goood old days!

  4. Many minored in kegling in college.