Funny sign on a business

Funny sign for blogI really saw this sign, and had to go back with my camera.  It is a double FAIL.  The apostrophe police should be after them to start.  Then the grammar police.

Didn’t most of us learn early on that words ending in F should be changed when made plural?  Dwarf–dwarves, scarf–scarves, wife–wives.  Oh, well.

I wonder if they paid someone to apply the letters on the sign.

And, by the way, what is a meat bundle? 

You can’t make this stuff up!


7 responses to “Funny sign on a business

  1. Hey Bob,

    Great stuff. I think a “meat bundle” is made of peaces and part’s of half’s of calf’s. Hope to meat up with you again soon. (Messpellings in the spirit of you post.) PS

  2. Thanks Phil. Well done like a wordsmith like you would do. We should have coffee and catch up sometime.

  3. Woody Woodward

    This had to be a neat beat meat market, not a meek, bleak, meet market?
    Tell your readers about your blessed new gift you and Ronda got.

  4. Funny Woody. I posted on Facebook about Rhonda and I being blessed with a new granddaughter. Claire Gabrielle joins her sister (will be three in a couple weeks) Grace Elizabeth. I call her amazing Grace. What a joy.

  5. Woody Woodward

    Iprinted the pics off for Cheri but you give your readers a gift too.

  6. Thanks Woody

  7. Me being a non-native speaker of English, it seems to me beyond comprehension, how even some native speakers, although otherwise good communicators just don’t get it. It is such a bloody simple concept.