Surreal or real

by Jan Tik flickr

Surreal isn’t a word I use very often but I think it may apply to the reason for my lack of blogging for the past few weeks—well, months actually.

 When I used to do more public speaking, we were always told to never apologize. I have read the same thing about being absent from a blog.

 Sooo—I will not apologize but will characterize my absence by saying it was a surreal experience. Without boring everyone with the details, since May 31, I have had a heart attack, stents put in my artery and quadruple heart bypass surgery.  Someone once said a minor heart attack is one that happens to someone else! HA.

Anyway,  back to the word surreal. It means to be disoriented, unreal or having the hallucinatory quality of a dream.

 For quite a while after my Sept. 17 surgery, I have had all those.  It is normal (whatever that is) to have a lack of focus and/or short-term memory, lack of motivation and maybe depression.  Fortunately, most of those did not happen to me.  My wonderful wife might argue with some of this.  I will admit to getting a tattoo—actually a couple of them to “celebrate” and commemorate my saga and triumph.

Moving on in 2010, I am back and ready to blog.  I am strongly considering a second blog about the coming and going businesses in Loveland and maybe northern Colorado.

 Have you had a surreal experience?


3 responses to “Surreal or real

  1. Jennie Baran

    I have had a surreal experience… it took place between May of 2008 and May 2009. While working on my graduate degree my husband suddenly passed away (while tragic, this is not the sureal part). I was determined to continue my studies and graduate with my class. In May of 2009 I did just that. One thing my studies taught me is to reflect on my experiences. (Here is the sureal part)…this 12 month period holds for me some of the greatest extreems in life, the very best and the very worst that life can provide. It still amazes me that I have come through without medication, hospitalization, or worse. I guess it is a testiment to determination and the power of positive thinking. I feel invigorated whenever I think about what I have accomplished. I now hold a Master’s degree, but the learning experience was, and continues to be so much more.

  2. Jennie Thanks for commenting. I know that was a tough time in your life. I am glad to hear things are going better. We should have coffee some time.
    Bob McDonnell

  3. “disoriented, unreal or having the hallucinatory quality of a dream.” This usually happens to me every year about a week before the writers conference. 🙂