Friend or unfriend?


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That is the word of the year according to the New Oxford American Dictionary.

For the uninitiated, unfriend is a verb meaning to remove someone as a”‘friend” on a social networking site such as Facebook, etc.

I guess this is the politically correct way of saying you are dumping someone. So, can a couple be unmarried as opposed to divorcing. Why not call it like it is?

If Neil Sedaka recorded his hit “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” now instead of 1962, it would have to be “Unfriending Is Hard to Do” I guess.

Who goes there? Friend or unfriend?

MORE:   A recent post on this blog talked about new words added to the dictionary.  One was frenemy.


7 responses to “Friend or unfriend?

  1. It’s funny that so many strange words are being used in new ways because of social media. I can remember when a “tweet” was something a bird did as it sat on a branch outside my window.

  2. “Unfriend” is, I suppose, marginally better than “defriend” would be.

  3. I guess you are right. Thanks for reading.

  4. Thanks, and good to see you at the NCW coffee today. I am working on a post with overused/obnoxious words and tweet is one of them.

  5. I like tweet! Unfriend, however, is just a very sad, sad word.

  6. Please do not unfriend, as I love being one of your patience and being able to have a more surreal life.

    It is a true pleasure to know you and to enjoy the quality of communication and humor . God bless, Jerry

  7. Cleaver response my friend. Thanks. I am glad we are friends.