Patience or patients This is your brain on drugs

Pot store

  Funny signs make my day. 

There as been an onslaught of new medical marijuana dispensaries around Colorado.   One of the local ones had this sign on its door.  Thanks to my friend Heidi , mayor of, a movie review blog, for pointing this one out to me.

I have blanked out the company name and phone number–you will have to find your own pot, sorry,

If you can’t read it, it says:  —- Open by Appt only.

Due to State law we can only conduct business with our patience who have us as their care giver.  —- Provides the best available meds to our customers.  Any questions contact us at ——

We are taking patience who wish to list us as your care gibver with the State.  All meds 10 Gram.  Quality unmatched.

The quality of their product may be unmatched but they do not know the difference between the word patience and patients.  Hmmmm   This is your brain on drugs?

Give me patients–errr– patience.

4 responses to “Patience or patients This is your brain on drugs

  1. Bob,

    What a fun blog you’ve created! These posts are witty, short, insigtful and a great respite during a busy day.

    I wish you would ad an e-mail subscription option to your subscribe offerings. Sadly, RSS is something I rarely attend to and when I do, it’s usually a massive purge.

    And, on your latest post, spelling errors always add humor to the signs we see. There have been some doozies around here (I live in a rural community).

    Thanks for the fun read and distraction.

  2. Thanks for the acknowledgement Bob! This still makes me giggle.
    PS HeidiTown is more than just movies! It’s Colorado in review! 🙂

  3. Bob,

    Its so exciting to see both Heidi and Nanette pouring support into you.

    Your blog has taught me some really interesting things.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  4. Thanks Kevin See you later today. Heidi is great. She and I both write for the Berthoud Surveyor. I have not met Nanette.