Mascots–gotta love em

Mascot names fascinate me.  High schools get so creative with their use.  My prior posts on this topic have received many hits, so I think I am not alone.  See Mascot names—the wacky, wimpy and weird, Mascot Names—What were they thinking and Mascot names with an agricultural bent.

Here are some new ones:

In the “this is too clever” department, we have the Cairo, GA (pronounced ka-row like the syrup) Syrupmakers.

The cuteness meter pegged out when I saw the Harper Woods, MI Regina Saddelites. Since this school looks to be an all-girl’s Catholic institution, maybe they should have been called the side-saddlelites. Further investigation shows the school emblem is a pair of saddle shoes.   (The swim team even has a logo of saddle-shoe swim fins.)  Ok, I get it!

Can you stand one more? Venice, CA has the Gondoliers as their team mascot. The school motto is “Rowing, not drifting.”  Maybe I should have attended there.  I did lots of drifting in high school.

Some of the mascots I found in the past were not too ferocious.  This holds true with this round. Try the New Branfels, TX Unicorns. Isn’t that an animal favored by pre-teen girls? Centralia, IL has the Orphans and Orphan Annies. Hmmm. Or, how about the Wilmington, Delaware Pandas.

I round out this category with the Morgan Hill, CA Acorns. No mighty oaks here.

Difficult to categorize are the Flaming Hearts of Effingham, IL.  History says that Eleanor Roosevelt once referred to Effington as the “Heart of America.”  Thereafter, the school athletes were called the Flaming Hearts or simply the Hearts.

Bad Axe, MI takes the field as the Hatchets.  I wonder if their opponents think they are bad axes?

I end this segment by giving you the Avon, CT Old Farm boy’s school.  They are the Flying Beavers.  Ironic, at best.  (Keep your comments to yourself on this one)

4 responses to “Mascots–gotta love em

  1. Would the “this is too cleaver” department, be located anywhere near the “not too clever” departemnt? I think you might want to chop that “a’ from your word.

  2. Actually, it is not Effington IL. It is Effingham. There is an entire book dedicated to high school mascots in Illinois. Illinois has some of the most unusual mascots in the country including the Argonauts, Reapers (farm machinery type), Cornjerkers, Wooden Shoes, and Piasa Birds.

  3. Mike Thanks for the correction.

  4. You are right. I guess I should refer to my other blog post about spellcheck errors. Thanks for reading.