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Scapegrace What or who is it?

No, a scapegrace is not someone who dates a scapegoat. I stumbled across this word when reading some blogs about words. The definition of scapegrace is a reckless or unprincipled person. They are usually wild and reckless.

The word comes from the word scape, which is a various of escape, and grace. The literal interpretation of scapegrace is one who has escaped the grace of God. We think of them as a scoundrel or rascal or reprobate.

Pundits are people too

Pundit is closely related to maven.  See my previous post on mavens

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The definition of a pundit is:

An expert, authority or learned person.  Usually a pundit makes comments or judgments, especially in an authoritative manner. 

 Most people who are called pundits give their opinions through mass media. This would include radio and television talk show hosts and “talking heads” on the political shows on television.

In the maven post, I asked if you knew any mavens.  Do you know any pundits personally?  I guess in some respects, I am a pundit in some of the writing I do for the Berthoud Surveyor newspaper.

Mavens–know any?


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Maven is not a word I use very much to describe someone.  Ironically, I don’t know that anyone has ever labeled me as a maven.  Actually, I thought it was only word used to describe females.  I was wrong.

 A maven is an expert or a person with special knowledge or experience.  Synonyms for maven include wizard, virtuoso, whiz, superstar, genius, ace and champion.  See why I never have been one?

                         Do you know any mavens?

That’s a bunch of poppycock

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That’s a bunch of poppycock.  Heard that many times, I bet.  Do you know what poppycock is?
You may be surprised.          

Currently, poppycock means rubbish, balderdash, bunk, hogwash, etc.   Basically, something worthless.

 Did you know it originally was a Dutch word pappekak that means soft dung or diarrhea?  (I hope you aren’t reading this during breakfast.)

 In an ironic twist of fate, the word poppycock also is the name of a sweetly coated popcorn treat.

I happen to like to eat Poppycock –the popcorn treat—and FiddleFaddle. Next time I munch on it, I will wonder about the company’s marketing efforts when they named the stuff.   Did they do any research?

Are you a busker?

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Busker is a funny word.  If ranks right up there with farrier and kegler that I covered in earlier posts.

A busker is defined in general terms as a person who performs in public for donations of money.

This covers a wide array of activities, including but not limited to:

  •        street or traveling performers
  •        circus acts such as acrobats, jugglers and unicyclist
  •       street actors
  •       contortionists
  •       mimes
  •       fire-eaters
  •      minstrels and
  •      bards.

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