6 responses to “Banshee scream?

  1. Banshee is from the Gaelic it means ‘woman of the fairy mounds’

  2. That is true. Thanks.

  3. Anyone can scream like a banshee — my 1-yr-old granddaughter demonstrated that fact a couple of times just yesterday. 🙂

  4. Pat I agree. Grandkids are the best.

  5. Jo Carleno

    The best demonstration I could ever imagine was actually given during “Bill Cosby: Himself” in 1983 at an Ontario theater. He was imitating his wife. Most of us have had the pleasure of this performance on TV. To answer the question: no, just try to give a good imitation of one!

  6. omg the Banshee is Irish and no living thing could possible make the sound of it. se has the loudest scream there ever is