That’s a bunch of poppycock

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That’s a bunch of poppycock.  Heard that many times, I bet.  Do you know what poppycock is?
You may be surprised.          

Currently, poppycock means rubbish, balderdash, bunk, hogwash, etc.   Basically, something worthless.

 Did you know it originally was a Dutch word pappekak that means soft dung or diarrhea?  (I hope you aren’t reading this during breakfast.)

 In an ironic twist of fate, the word poppycock also is the name of a sweetly coated popcorn treat.

I happen to like to eat Poppycock –the popcorn treat—and FiddleFaddle. Next time I munch on it, I will wonder about the company’s marketing efforts when they named the stuff.   Did they do any research?


4 responses to “That’s a bunch of poppycock

  1. Diana McKinney

    Was teaching a sixth grade class the other day and used the word widget. The kids immediately asked what a widget was. I wonder if they would have known what poppycock meant? Or thing-a-ma-jig or thing-a-ma-bob?

  2. My favorite word (instead of poppycock) is “hogwash.” My second choice, to display disbelief, is “Piffle.” My husband says “bunk.”

    I always turn my head to see who’s speaking when I hear words like this because they’re almost always spoken by folks in my 65+ age group.

  3. Patricia Thanks. Yes our generation had some good words. And we didn’t abbreviate or use icons like texters do now. (I do not text)

  4. Jo Carleno

    To answer you question, I believe that’s a negatory.