Mavens–know any?


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Maven is not a word I use very much to describe someone.  Ironically, I don’t know that anyone has ever labeled me as a maven.  Actually, I thought it was only word used to describe females.  I was wrong.

 A maven is an expert or a person with special knowledge or experience.  Synonyms for maven include wizard, virtuoso, whiz, superstar, genius, ace and champion.  See why I never have been one?

                         Do you know any mavens?


3 responses to “Mavens–know any?

  1. Aren’t you a maven of words, Bob? I’m trying my best to become a maven of self-editing and blogging for writers. Kerrie Flanagan is an organizing and planning maven. Eeks, they’re everywhere!

  2. Mavens everywhere–great. My next post will be on pundits. Maybe that is where I fall.

  3. Jo Carleno

    Yes, I have known a maven all my life: my older sister, who has been an insurance secretary, programmer, systems designer, and all-around genius who (in her 60’s) is currently in her last year of college to become a teacher. There are many other accomplishments, but these are the highlights.