Spoofery Is it a word?


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Sometimes I get the ideas for blog post that just comes to me. Other times, I see things that prompt a post. The last way I get them is through the comments and thoughts of colleagues and friends

My new friend Bernie Smith sent me this one via Twitter.  Bernie is relocating to Colorado from my home town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  We recently had lunch in Loveland, where we met face-to-face for the first time.

A couple of days ago, Bernie said he wondered about the word spoofery.  Is it a real word?  Thanks to google.com, dictionary.com and a few other sources I found the word.

 It means a hoax or deception.   It can also be light humorous parody or good-natured mockery or teasing.

 An example that comes to mind for me is the movie Airplane or Naked Gun.  I guess my favorite reading material as a kid, Mad magazine, would be in that category too.

 There is a lot of spoofery (some not too good-natured) in the political arena.  The poster of President Obama as the Joker probably is one of these.   

 What spoofery do you think of?

P.S.  Word spellchecker does not think spoofery is a word.

One response to “Spoofery Is it a word?

  1. There are lots of words that “spellchecker” doesn’t think are real words. Interestingly enough, it accepts spellchecker, but not spellcheck. Have a good idea.