Portmanteau–do you use them when you talk?


Thanks to Roxie Ellis for this one.  The owner of Ellis Ranch Event Center and Wedding Park has a son-in-law

 Craig Campbell who is a singer in Nashville.  (Married to Mindy)   She said he as a new song called “Chillaxin.”  That is a combination of chilling and relaxing–country style.

Digging deeper, I found there is a name for combined or combination words.   The term for them is portmaneau, and it means to blend two or more words and their meanings into one new word.

I must admit that chillaxing did not come to my mind right away.  One that I did consider and have heard is gimongous (giant and humongous).

Thanks to internet searching, I found other portmanteaus, some of which we use a lot.  The are:
smog  (smoke and fog)

Amtrack  (American and track)

simulcast  (simultaneous and broadcast)

The funny plastic eating utensil called the spork  (spoon and fork)

guesstimate  (guess and estimate)

I recently ate some craisens which are made from cranberries and raisens

brunch  (breakfast and lunch)

moped means a bike with a motor and pedals

and of course, motel combines motor and hotel.

Ohh–the most obvious one just came to me!  BLOG, meaning web log.  DUH.

What other portmanteaus have you said or heard?


2 responses to “Portmanteau–do you use them when you talk?

  1. Jinormous (Gigantic and enormous)
    Proactive (I hate this word, but it is proliferating)

  2. Thanks for the comment and reading my blog. I look forward to working with you in the critique group.