Sign fail or dude, where’s my spellchecker?

Misspelled signs or funny signs are entertaining to me.   Some real signs are funnier than anything you can make up.

A couple of days ago, I saw a sign that caused me to go get my camera so I could share it with you.

Someone was going to have a moving sale.  They got a 4 x 8 piece of plywood to spray paint to let the world (or at least NE Loveland) know of their sale.   They posted the sign for a few days at a very busy intersection in Loveland

The problem?  They didn’t spellcheck or have someone who has taken basic English look at the sign before they put it out on the corner.

The sign was a FAIL on a couple of counts.   For one,  they didn’t know to remove the E when adding ING to the word MOVE.   Somehow, maybe it was the spray paint fumes, the N in ING looks more like a V.

I didn’t follow the arrow to see what kind of  person has  a MOVEIVG SALE.  And obviously they don’t read my other blog  because I mentioned the lack of spelling expertise there.

You gotta love real life!


7 responses to “Sign fail or dude, where’s my spellchecker?

  1. Bob,
    I was that sign over the weekend. The funny part is I thought of you when I saw it. Just didn’t have camera or phone handy. I really wanted to see the treasures but never made it over.

  2. Bob Thanks for thinking of me–I guess. The sign is in my general neighborhood, and on my walking route. I still don’t know where the actual sale was.

  3. Giving them some slack, It is always possible that a child/teen/infant? made the sign. Right? LOL I am sure many made it over just to see who put up the sign and what they could have.

  4. Bob: I’m a sign watcher, too. There’s a restaurant in town called Good Friend’s. Everytime I drive by I want to paint over that apostrophe.

  5. Luana Yes, I see that a lot. On homes too. (Like the Smith’s on a sign in front of a house)

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