New words in the dictionary

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Each year, dictionaries add new words.  They base these new works on how often they are used over time.

Katina Solomon of contacted me recently via email.  She says she reads  and thought an article onlinecollege published recently on “50 Funniest Pop Culture Sayings That Made it to the Dictionary” might be something I could use. 

 I agree.  The article did have some great, entertaining content.  Some of the new words you may be familiar with such as


     drama queen,


    brain freeze,


    chick flick,

     water boarding

     and of course unfriend.

 Ones that were new to me included

   mouse potato (someone who spends too much time on the computer),

   blamestorming (collectively blaming someone),

   ego surfing (Googling yourself –you know you have before!) 

    and lookism (discriminating on the basis of appearance).

See all 50 words here:  complete list.


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