Funny sign at a Loveand coffee shop

flickr adamselwood

Funny signs are my hobby.  At a local coffee shop yesterday, I saw a small sign on one of the coffee carafes.  Normally, they say bold blend, decaff, vanilla, etc.  One of the varieties posts when I went to fill my cup was

Jamacian me crazy.  Great way to start the day.

For the local folks, it was a one of my fav places to work and write — DaddyO’s Green Onion. (Thanks to Terry and the crew there.)


One response to “Funny sign at a Loveand coffee shop

  1. Bob ,
    Thank you for you
    r work. You keep me smiling and thanks to you I am learning more about proper use of words! Your gift of creativity is wonderful !!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!