Big firkin deal

Firkin is a funny word.  It was not familiar to me until I stopped at Oskar Blues in Lyons, CO for lunch over the Labor Day weekend.

In the literature about the bar/restaurant/brewery, they mentioned many musicians that would be there in the coming month.  The calendar of events also has listed Firkin Fridays. Many people I know would opt more for firkin Mondays, but I digress. 
Being a word guy, I decided to see what a firkin is. 

Here is what my research found.  A firkin is a British unit of capacity usually equal to a quarter of a barrel.  It is also equal to nine imperial gallons. An imperial gallon is about 1.201 U.S. gallons.

 The derivation of the word is Middle Dutch. (vierde fourth  plus kin)

 Usually, a firkin is a small wooden vessel or tub for butter, lard, sugar, etc.

Typically, the firkin has a lid and handle.

 So, now you know the whole firkin story.


3 responses to “Big firkin deal

  1. Sooo…What exactly do they do on Firkin Fridays in Lyons?

  2. It looks like they tap a new keg on FF.

  3. Equinox Brewery in Ft Collins also taps a firkin weekly. I think, however, they do it every firkin Thursday.