Measure it with a Brannock device

Brannock devices have been part of your life, I bet. 

These metal measuring devices are standard fare in any shoe store.  Yes, the funny looking metal tool with adjustable slides and many numbers.  They are accurate at telling the shoe salesperson your true shoe size.

 Its inventor, Charles Brannock, was born in Syracuse, New York in 1903. He grew up in the family retail show business.

 As a young man, Brannock became somewhat obsessed with finding a better way to measure the size of people’s feet. 

The invention was only in the family store to start.  Later, during World War II, the Army hired him to fit the boots and shoes for enlisted men.  Now, it is probably not possible to find a shoe store that does not have at least one of the devices available when you go to buy shoes.



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