Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

I’ll drink to that

Dancing Pines Distillery and Grimm Brothers Brewhouse were both mentioned on my blogs (both www.bobsheartbeats.com and www.wordsbybob.com) recently.

While doing a Berthoud Surveyor newspaper  review on the Dancing Pines Distillery, they told me they plan to produce some bourbon or rye whisky.

Coincidentally or due to serendipity, I came across a post today that tells the about whiskey vs. whisky, scotch, Irish whiskey, Tennessee whisky, etc.

Good stuff.   The whiskey vs. whisky website is worth a look.   Through there Broken Secret blog, I l learned that:

  • whiskey is Irish and the United States while whisky is the term for other countries.
  • whisky is a Gaelic word that means, “water of life”  (go figure)
  • Scotch is made in Scotland.  (makes sense)
  • Bourbon is named after Bourbon County, Kentucky. 

Thanks to Broken Secrets Editor Chad Upton for the info. See his blog for more detailed data on this topic