Docent–I am one


This term came up in conversation the other night. A friend said he was going to be a docent at his daughter’s ballet show.

I told him I am already a docent—a decent docent at that!

Docent definition:  A college/university teacher or lecturer. They are usually not a regular faculty member. (Been there—done that)

A more popular definition is someone who leads guided tours at galleries or museums. This could also apply to a cathedral.  Docents are usually well-trained and may greet visitors and answer questions too. (Been there—done that)

The word docent comes from the Latin word docere, meaning to teach.

2 responses to “Docent–I am one

  1. My mother was a docent, and a pretty decent one, too. Great word.

  2. Thank Bernie. Where did she do her docent work? We do ours at the Rialto and the Lvd Museum.