Down in the dump-ster

Please note that I am not LITERALLY in a dumpster.

(See my post on the use of the word literally)

Dumpsters?   Hmmm. I didn’t think I would be doing a blog post on this topic.

When I review my blog stats, I see lots of hits for the term dipsy dumpster.  Also dipssy dumpster, Dempsey dumpster.

We are talking about a large trash receptacle if you haven’t figured this out yet.

Being a curious person, I thought I would find out more about his term.

Many seem to think it is dipsy dumpster.  A more common label is Dempsey Dumpster.  This is what we called  them in the Air Force.

According to what I can find, the term should be Dempster Dumpster.  In the 1930s, the Dempster brothers started making these devices.  Actually, George Dempster came up with the system of truck and containers.   The container was connected to the truck with chains.

The brothers Dempster were located in Knoxville.

The advantage of this new technique was that it made it 75 percent cheaper to pick up trash.

9 responses to “Down in the dump-ster

  1. i enjoy reading your blog. however, i read it via RSS in a reader. so would you please change your RSS feed to “full” for us RSS readers? thanks.

    i also wondered where the term “Dempsey” came from, when as a kid i noticed the name “Dempster” on our local dumpster.

  2. Thanks MJ I will see if I can figure out how to do that.

  3. Christine Cattell

    Hello Bob,

    Being a Navy brat and a dumpster diver from way back, I can attest to the containers as being ‘Dempster Dumpsters’ even in the 1950’s in Hawaii!

    I always enjoy your contributions to ‘Let’s at, Grandma!’ on Facebook, and hope to see you there more often!


  4. Christine
    Thanks. I have a couple of sign “fails” I captured myself to add to Grandma’s site soon.

  5. Bob, it’s the Settings Tab, then Site Feed. Set the very first option to “Full” and that’s it. thanks.

  6. oh wait, you’re using wordpress. in Word Press, it’s Settings/General/Reading and “For each article in a feed, show” and set it to “Full text.”


  7. Is Dipsy spelled with or without a t? I also found it spelled dipsty.

  8. It’s Dipsty Dumpster 😉 been using this term all my life. I have noticed that the term seems to more heavily revolve around navy families from the early 80’s. My wife to this day has always looked at me with amusement whenever I use the term.