Screed — read

Screed is not a word I have seen before.  I first saw it on the title of a book on display at the Northern Colorado Writers’ Studio.

 Curious minds had to know.

After some investigation—okay, Google searches—here is what I found. Screed can be an informal letter or other piece of writing.  Some feel it means a long, monotonous speech or piece of writing. Others go as far as to say it is a diatribe or a ranting.


I hope no one describes most of my writing as screed.   Well, at least I have a new word for my next scrabble game.


3 responses to “Screed — read

  1. thanks for the new word!

  2. I found that word a while back and thought it would be the perfect title for my blog… Of course, it is also a guide used in surfacing plasterwork or cement work, of which I do neither. 🙂

  3. Thanks Roger. I liked your blog.