Captcha — gotcha

CAPTCHA—I bet you use it and don’t know it.  A captcha is that box with the squiggle words you need to enter to have access to a site. It helps decide if the person wanting to access the site is a human or a computer bot (spam bot).

One wonders if at what point a programmer will figure out how to have a computer read these words and bypass this safeguard.

If you notice the word or two a captcha site asks you enter, the words are wavy and may have a line thought them.

CAPTCHA is actually an acronym for Comply Automated Pubic Turing test to Tell Humans and Computers Apart.  In 2000, Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University coined the term.

ALSO:  I received and email from Elan at a company called  Adscaptcha after I wrote this post.   He seems to have a company that created unique captcha tool. It combines ads as the captchas. Security and advertising combined–that could be in interesting twist for some.

3 responses to “Captcha — gotcha

  1. wow–I had no idea that box had a name.

  2. Kerrie I didn’t either until I ran across this tidbit. Thanks for using my blog post on being a “legit” writer in your blog.

  3. The captchas requiring to type the the squiggly-wiggly words is outdated approcah, easily crackable by spambots. If spambots cannot, they transfer it to human solvers sweatshops (solving by 1 USD per 1000 solved captchas).

    The more modern approach preventing this does not require typing as well as is more fun. For ex., assemling jigsaw puzzles as in one from
    There is online demo there