Freedom is just another word

Word of the year posts are popular this time of your. 

How about word FOR the year?

My new friend BJ Smith recently posted an interesting article on his BJS Communications blog.  Attending a recent meeting had  him thinking about his word for the year.

Here is the post from BJS Communications:

Freedom is just another word

In a Northern Colorado Writers meeting the other day, Director Kerrie Flanagan asked those in attendance to share what would be their special “word for the year.”

Going ’round the table, the responses chosen with varying degrees of seriousness included: Dream. Endurance. Triage. Revenge. Productivity. Finish. Partnership.

My choice was Success, pulled from thin air in a fit of optimism. It was my first meeting, at the invitation of Words by Bob blogger and fellow Iowa native Bob McDonnell.

Success still seems like a good word to keep in mind, with the idea that one experiences what one envisions. Better to pick oneself up and dust one’s self off and get back on the bicycle and all that.

However … as there is nothing to stop us from having more than one word in mind as a theme for the year, I choose another:


Henceforth, when someone who is shy about using powerful language says “the F word,” that is where my mind will go. More on that idea and on saying what you mean, coming soon…

~ ~ ~

If you have your own word or theme for the year, please share with a comment and let us know why you’ve picked it.


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