Fusty — are you?


Sometimes I see or hear words that are interesting.  I jot them down or put them in a Word document for later.  Then sometimes, like with the word fusty, I forget where I found them.

Fusty means to have a stale or mildew decay. Some say it means to smell moldy mor musty.

Fusty can also mean old-fashioned or out-of-date. (Like architectural styles, home furnishings or some people’s wardrobe. se.

 What do you know of that is fusty?


2 responses to “Fusty — are you?

  1. My grandma used to mean musty, damp smelling. “The cellar is so fusty, I don’t like going down there in the winter” she would say. All my Missouri relatives used the word. I have not heard it in years and it has probably been 20 years since I have used it myself. But, I knew what it meant, by my families standards anyway. (Sometimes she called my step granddad fusty. Because he had a still and he smelled like the stuff he made.) LOL

  2. Sherry Thanks for sharing. I never heard it used and I am from the midwest too.