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Made-up words

Survivor Redemption Island.  Yes, I watch it.  Well, I watch it after-the-fact on Comcast or 

The latest episode had one survivor (Phillip) saying something I had never heard.  He appeared to make up a new word.  He  said something about the tribe playing gallantry-ly.  Now there is a new word.

The guy hasn’t been on the island long enough to be dehydrated or protein-starved.  He is supposedly well-educated since he is some kind of nebulous “federal agent.”  
Are there more words to come in future episodes?   Should I watch other reality shows to see if I am missing new words being coined?


Lexiphile or lexophile?

Lexophile or lexiphile?

My sister recently sent me an email with some phrases that lexiphiles would enjoy.  (and NO a lexiphile is not someone who stops by a girl’s house on Dateline NBC. Chris Hansen will not invite you in for cookies if you are a lexiphile.)
Ok- the word describes those that have a love for words and word plays.

As I investigated the word lexiphile, I found two different spellings. says Lexophiles “may study words in any language, although many choose to focus on a specific language to pursue their interests. Some simply collect words which they think are unusual or interesting. Others may follow the history of language, the evolution of words in common use, and other language-related topics.”

I haven’t figured out why sometimes there is an “i” after the “x”, and why sometimes it has an “o” after the x

Either way, I guess I am one.