Camelcase (camel case) Just in case

Camel case or camelcase is a word that came up at lunch the other day. We were working on the Loveland 365 book, and it was decided that we do a list of websites.  One of the committee said we should be sure it is in camel case format.  The rest of us did not know what camelcase meant.

It turns out I have been using camelcase my entire life.

But first, here is the definition of camelcase.  It is the practice of writing compound words/ phrases by joining all the words together sans spaces. Each words first letter is capitalized within the new joined phrase.  I guess the result had humps like a camel.

Maybe an example or two will help.  In business, you have seen camel case words such as





Some surnames, including mine (McDonnell), such as VanDyke or DiCaprio also fall within the definition of camelcase.  Chemical symbols such as NaCl (salt) benefit from internal caps.

Many websites are much easier to read if they are shown in camelcase.  For example   Or if someone has a website called thegreatestwebsiteintheworld, it would be easier to type if converted to TheGreatestWebsiteInTheWorld.

There are many other names for camelcase.  These include Pascal case, bumpy caps, embedded caps, intercaps, medial capitals, mixed caps and bi-capitalization.  Strangely, none of the synonyms are camelcase themselves.

What is your favorite camel case word?

One response to “Camelcase (camel case) Just in case

  1. Whenever I’ve come across this in computer naming circles, camelCase (lower initial letter) and PascalCase (upper initial letter) are discussed as separate entities.

    Thought you’d like to know!