Cankles–do you have them?

Cankle is not a term I had heard before this summer. It came  up when some of my relatives were visiting  Colorado.   So, you aren’t left out—here is what a
cankle is.

CANKLE is the ankle of a person (usually fat) where there is  no clear distinction between the where the calf ends and the ankle starts.  Hence, the merging of the terms calf and  ankle.

I almost forgot about the family conversation until I saw  our neighbor’s baby.  At one year old,  she has a serious case of the cankles.
Hopefully, she will outgrow it but some adults seem to have a long-term
case of cankle.

Note: an alternative spelling is kankle.




3 responses to “Cankles–do you have them?

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  2. What about the term for men with no necks. Their heads rest on their shoulders. Are they Heshoulders?

  3. Never thought about men’s necks in that regard. Maybe someone else has a suggestion. Thanks for reading my blog.